Friday, May 18, 2007

Watercolor lesson

My tutor, Jean Janssen decided we should try a new track with the watercolors. Since I have trouble visualizing what I want to paint, and I lean towards abstract, she suggested I bring some of my ATC abstract backgrounds with me. We painted from them today. We each picked one and did a large watercolor based on the small paintings that I had done in acrylics and cut up into little ATCs. That made it more fun for me, since I'm sure I'll never be a landscape painter in the traditional sense. And she was having fun too, she seldom worked in abstracts, and not for years and years. She is going to work on hers during the week, in fact by now she has probably developed it into a masterful piece. I'll be posting some of her paintings here later on. I doubt if I'll have time to paint for several days, I have to many other commitments.

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