Friday, February 29, 2008

Crown making in the country

What could be better than a warm sunny Spring day in the country with friends? Good food and making art at the same time! Our project was to make crowns or tiarras, with shared supplies. Our hostess provided such a welcoming environment to create, and a wonderful lunch of quiches, salad and desserts. It was tempting though, to just sit on the deck and listen to the birds in her yard. But, once we got started with our pliers, and materials, we all got at least a good start on our crowns. Most of them were done with chicken wire bases. Here are some pics. The green crown is Sally's. I have such a thing for Spring green, I had to show it too.

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ScaryCheri said...

Janene, those crowns are beautiful. Looks like you girls had fun. What a gorgeous garden. Hugz, Scary