Thursday, February 21, 2008

Little Box Houses

I've changed the design a bit, after some trial and error. There are no hard and fast rules to making this pattern. Partly the layout of the box should depend on the text that might be used inside the box. I have simplified this for the meeting in Sac. Now, I am laying all the pieces out on a single piece of fabric rather than using a variety of fabrics. This is really fast. Just lay them out on the fabric, lift one piece at a time and apply glue to it, then lay it back in it's place and press it down hard with your fingers. Then move on to the next piece. Leave just a narrow crack between each piece, so it will fold well.

On the first two I made, with the little pieces, I needed to go back and use strips of fabrics to attach pieces to each other. By using a single piece of fabric, these strips are not necessary, but they could be added to embelish.

If you want fabric on the inside also, after the first side is done, cut out around the pattern with scissors, then flip it over onto another piece of fabric. Glue it down and press out any wrinkles with your fingers. These little houses practically fold themselves into their shape.

By laying out the pieces in the new pattern, the roof is all attached and flips up and over with a short extension out the front. The roof pieces need to be cut to size before they are glued to the fabric. This saves folding the roof pieces.

I made this little house at my SICL class, while everyone else was painting.

Here are more pics.

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