Friday, June 8, 2007

Altered Book Progress 3

Moving right along in the new altered book, here are the next pages.

The little burdie page is a piece I bought from art pal, Evie. Here is her site, in case you want to see her work. I recommend it highly.

Using only her little canvas, and some beautiful paper, I kept this spread simple. Sometimes one just needs a little break - even in an altered book. this is a place to rest your eyes and just enjoy the image. Click on it to enlarge it and then see if it makes you smile. Everyone loves the burdie.

The following spread gets busier. Using sheet music, collaged birds, a bit of fabric and a quote, it is a happy spread.

The next spread used collaged penguins and a shadow done in smudged pencil over white paint with the text overlaid on it.
That is all the art work to share for today.

I had my class with Jeanne today. We practiced brush strokes on paper, with varying amount of moisture. Just an excercise to get the feel for how to judge the dampness of the paper and how to get certain effects depending on the moisture. This was a low humidity day, so my paper dried faster than I would have liked, but I learned that if I put glass or plastic down first and wet the front and the back of the paper, it will hold the moisture longer and will dry more evenly. Every week I learn a little something more.

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