Friday, June 15, 2007

Mixed Media Artists of Northern California

I mentioned this group to the gals at La Selva. Here is a link to see more of what we are about.

Here is the link to my favorite online group.

If you have never belonged to an online group, I can tell you that you will meet amazingly talented people, and will soon feel that the world has shrunk as we share our arts.


Charlotte Kemsley said...

Hiya! First of all, thanks for the kind comments and the link to my blog - have added you too, ma chere! LOL! Thanks also for all the altered book tips - one of these things I started rather tentatively but fell into the trap of thinking it all had to be quite perfect!! But reading your posts makes me think maybe it doesn't have to be that way.... funny how we put so much pressure on ourselves, isn't it? I still think that every time I sit down to create, I have to make the piece to end all pieces! The one that will *stun*, nay, *overwhelm* the whole world which will finally see my true genius!!! Because surely it's only a matter of time before I manage to get out of my head and my hands what I'm really *really* REALLY trying to tell...??!! LOL! So many knots, so little time;-P

Hope U OK!

Hugs, Lolly xxx

Pat Schmidt said...

I have to agree with you that the no rules rule is the BEST. I detest being locked in to sizes, themes, etc. However, I force myself to do some of them as a sort of discipline for a very undisciplined person! I did an altered bird book for my 2 year old granddaughter (she only was allowed to peek at it till later) and loved every minute of it. If you want to see my book, it's on picturetrail. Here's the url.
Enjoyed your blog very much.....
Pat S