Monday, June 25, 2007

Weird Relatives and acquaintances

A friend and I were chatting online (Hi Jackie!) and got to kidding around about our imaginary weird relatives. I'm starting to collect them for a little book, and thought maybe you'd like to hear about them, and you can share some of your own.

My first character is LOLLIE. She's my muse. She went unnamed for years, but one day she got hopping mad and insisted that she had chosen the name. She's named for Charlotte of Alice Overground - who I met online thru Evie (Hi Evie!). Anyway, sometimes Lollie gets in a mood and morphs into other personas, at which times she changes her name and insists that I call her by the new name. But, after she calms down she is again my own Lollie.

Lollie has twin cousins, WILLY and NILLY. They make art. Mostly collage. They are not very sophisticated, being from the country. Willy can be vey silly and often refers to Lollie affectiontely as "Gosh and by Golly" Lollie when they work together on their artwork.

Another set of twin cousins, RANT and RAVE, were raised by abusive parents, and bullied on the schoolyard. They are now in a court-ordered anger management program. They often show up around election time or when I'm watching the news.

Jackie knows someone named WHEW. She describes him as a rather dodgy character who's always wiping sweat from his brows because of the narrow escapes he invariably encounters... its seems he never learns.

It's becoming apparent as I explore my family tree that there are many sets of twins. TOPSY and TURVY are the ones that get into my studio late at night and mess it all up. I've never actually seen them, but I know they've been there.

Do you have any relatives or friends that would like to be in my book? If so, please either email them to me at, or send in to the group so we can all get acquainted.

Lollie's insisting that I get away from the pc and get down to the studio. She has something in mind for me but won't tell me what until I get there. She likes to surprise me. janene

This is a copy of a message I posted to CPS group.

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Charlotte Kemsley said...

Hehe - I think your band of relatives magically multiply and go visit other folks' houses - including mine!! That would explain a LOT of things LOL! Can't wait to meet the rest!

Hugs, Lolly xxx